Zoren Voidwalker

Not Much to Say. He is an Oracle.


A man dressed in a black coat with a hood hiding his face.


Zoren is an attractive human male with green eyes and silvered hair.

Zoren is quite quiet. He usually stares at you when you are talking. He does not share much about his past. Most people know Zoren is deaf. He explains that he is deaf because he was attacked with a sonic spell at a young age.

Zoren often sits quietly writing calligraphy. Zoren has been known to speak, but he will often write things down.

Zoren seems shy around women despite his good looks.

In the mercenary troop, Zoren serves as one of the combat medics and healers, but he is also adept at combat in general. He can throw devastating bursts of fire a few times a day. Interestingly, he carries no holy or unholy symbol. However, his healing works just fine.

New as of 10/9/10:
Zoren has explained a little more of his history. He noted he has been to a realm he calls the “Far Place.” He says the things that go bump in the night come from said place. Zoren talks to himself about the place saying he does not really want to go back. However, out of a little loyalty, he will go with the party. He did say an unusual word that does not really make sense; however, the word resonated with the party wizard.

Zoren Voidwalker

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