The March of the Voidwalkers

The Black Doorway
Once More Into the Breach

Total XP Per Player

12800 / 4 = 3200

The Black Horn
I have a Little Thorny

Working together as usual, the party has decided to take the job to locate the Black Horn of Ug’rak. After taking the job, we decided to takedown the job posting as to protect our interests and income.

Searching over Cheliax we encountered a band of Orcs and Half-Orcs. With a few well placed blows, strategic spells, and a sword to the kidney, our band defeated the villains.

Searching the camp did not lead to the acquisition of Black Horn.

Only Little Did We Know…….

More to Come Later

Total XP per Player

12200 / 4 = 3050

The Bag ’o Loot

Sami finally shows up hauling a bag over his shoulder. Inside are:
1 Potion of Bull’s Strength, CL 3
1 Potion of Protection from Energy, CL 5
1 Headband of Vast Intelligence +2
10 Platinum, 2000 Gold

The town also put together a thank you package that includes:
15 Finely-prepared trail rations
1 (Un)Holy Symbol of Asmodeus
1 Cake (Chocolate discipline) frosted with the symbol of Asmodeus
1 Gift Certificate to 10% off all items purchased on one visit to Jyagrad’s Adventure Emporium
500 Gold


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