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  • Zoren Voidwalker

    Zoren is an attractive human male with green eyes and silvered hair. Zoren is quite quiet. He usually stares at you when you are talking. He does not share much about his past. Most people know Zoren is deaf. He explains that he is deaf because …

  • Lord Gydeon Greyfallow

    Lord Gydeon Greyfallow was born the only son of a moderately influential Cheliaxian noble family. His father passed away in his youth. In school he exhibited talent as a wizard. After finishing his studies, he traveled the world investigating the arcane …

  • Strider Davon

    Strider is a young, brash human who seems at ease in almost any situation, but also seems very preoccupied with appearing cool. He wears nonstandard armor and carries a sword that is broken midway down the blade.

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