The nation of Cheliax would be remembered in the Histories as the diabolic mark upon the face of Avistan, but lost through time and retelling would be the other side of the story—that of a peace ruthlessly enforced, and later lugubriously accepted. Though House Thrune’s rise to power was initially cheered, their worship of Asmodeus and the ranks of devils ran diametrically against many citizen’s feelings and beliefs.

Resistance simmered beneath the surface, and when it finally rose to boil, it was systematically crushed by legions of Hellknights. This cycle ran over and over, gradually losing potency and inspiration with each subsequent resistance. After years of winning small battles while losing the war, the resistance to House Thrune largely dissolved, either dead, imprisoned, or exiled to find their way to a better world. After a generation had passed, the face of Cheliax had changed drastically, and no longer made manifest any objections to their diabolic rulers.

And so Cheliax prospered. Devilry aside, without the chaos of clashing ideologies drawing everyone’s attention and fear, commerce and research boomed. Success begot success. Opulence begot sloth while poverty begot apathy. The world spiraled slowly, ploddingly toward a drowsy peace.

Very few people of the land seemed immune to this muting of the world. Of those that remained with the mettle and fire to seek adventure and meet challenges, work was abundant.

But while there was much to be done, that did not make things easy for the world’s adventurers. Indeed, work was more dangerous—Hellknights were in some cases looking for any diversion of their own, and in others were violently protective of the sleepy peace they had worked to cultivate. In the big cities, fledgling adventurers were well-advised to steer clear of even the most rudimentary jobs, lest they fall under the boots of a Hellknight brigade.

So cities like Westcrown and Egorian became the ultimate goal of seasoned adventuring parties, while new mercenaries would travel far and wide, doing odd jobs in small towns and often competing fiercely for each one. This bred relatively few, mighty parties with unbreakable loyalties—at least, unbreakable in the face of all but the most lucrative opportunities.

It is such that Gorrak, Zoren Voidwalker, [Placeholder], and Lord Gydeon Greyfallow came to adventure together. They currently wander some small inland towns and cities, though some in the group murmur that they should press for bigger risks and bigger profits to be found in the bigger cities.


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