The Party

Co-founders Lord Gydeon Greyfallow and Zoren Voidwalker were originally competitors—both attempting to find a stolen coin purse for a young couple who were travelling the nation together. After hearing about the job at roughly the same time, the two bumped into one another several times a day as their clues inevitably led them down the same path. They were shocked when they found that the whole mission had been a ploy—to trick inexperienced do-gooders into walking willingly into a robbery—and only by fighting together did they manage to emerge alive and with all their valuables.

From that moment forth, the two traveled together and quested together. After another close brush with death, it was decided that a bodyguard—or at least a fellow adventurer who they could count on in a melee—would be a good thing to have. Shortly thereafter, Gydeon’s notes and some investigative sleuthing led them to Gorrak, who was discontentedly bodyguarding someone who didn’t need protecting and who didn’t pay particularly well. He agreed to join them on their journey, and thus the trio was born.

After several successful missions together, the band began to make a name for themselves, and fledgling adventurers started to approach them about joining in. Aside from not trusting opportunists, the band turned away all applicants for their sheer lack of experience. But when someone made off with their gear in the night—despite all their security measures—Gydeon extended an offer to the thief when they caught up with him the next day: return the gear and join their group to work off the value of the few items he had already fenced, or face the nearest Hellknight brigade.

And so there were four.

The team has begun to make a name for itself in the region, but they’re still far from well-known. Nicknames have begun flying around—some complimentary, some less so—but none, yet, have stuck.

The Party

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