Something Wicked This Way Comes

Cheliax has enjoyed an extended peace—or the closest thing resembling it—for some time. While there may be small battles here or there, countries have deigned to leave one another more or less alone, cities are content to do business and avoid bloodbath, and individuals merely try to make it through their day without confrontation. The whole world has been lulled to a quiet, warm complacency. Even the scholars and magicians, scoundrels and villains, heroes and paragons have largely found their internal fires quelled somewhat. No one broaches the topic, but it has become plain to see for any who will look.

Not everyone has resigned themselves to peaceful slumber, though. Those who still crave adventure, excitement, and the rush of blood through their veins have taken to working as mercenaries—doing dangerous work for all those who loathe danger—and there’s still plenty of dirty work for this world. These bands of mercenaries roam where the gold takes them, and often find themselves bidding and competing over lucrative jobs.

Our heroes have made something of a name for themselves amongst these mercenary crews, though it’s nothing compared to the name they’ll soon bear…

The March of the Voidwalkers

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